Chinese and Japanese Gardens

 1 Chinese Garden Rd, 619795, Singapore

Important Information:

The Chinese Garden and his brother the Japanese Garden, are located near the Jurong Lake Gardens, in Jurong East.

The Chinese Garden first opened in 1975 and main attractions are the Seven Storey Cloud Piercing Pagoda, Bonsai Gardens and the statues of famous heroes in Chinese history.

The Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum inside the Chinese Garden is probably one of the strangest and interesting museum we visited.  Look inside if you have some spare time. The museum is open from 9:00am to 6:00pm daily, for a small admission fee.

The Japanese Garden is built on an artificial island in Jurong Lake, following the styles and methods from Japan's Muromachi period and is connected to the Chinese Garden island by a bridge named the Bridge of Double Beauty.

These gardens are located next to Chinese Garden MRT Station and very close to some of best shopping malls in the area: Westgate, Jem, Big Box, IMM (one of the best outlet destination in the city) and The Furniture Mall.